[ENG] Happy 1st Advent

[ENG] Happy 1st Advent

Only still a few days until 2019…

What are you thinking when you think about 2018? Was it your year, or are you happy that it’s finally over?

For me, 2018 went extremely fast. A lot of things happened. Starting out with my start in the rallyesport participating in the Rallye Wartburg. After that, a great German WRC Rally  before my accident forced me to end the season. This accident was a hard setback. But it is part of the game to deal with such incidents. And also, to be grateful for the fact that we only suffered financial damage. Grateful to know that Nico and I came out of that car healthily. Grateful to realize that I have such caring people around me who helped me even without being asked. This was an amazing support for me.

All this has helped me to find closure and look forward, to gain new strength and continue my way. Alone the many reactions to my last post of Novembre 24th have encouraged me a lot. I have felt very intensively that I can reach and excite you with what I do.

My announcement to participate in the Volvo Original Cup in Sweden has reached x.xxx people. I am very proud of this because I didn’t buy this reach – it is an expression of the fact that you have sincere interest in me and our motorsport. I will keep you posted.

I wish you and your families all the best and a happy 1st Advent.


With sporty wishes,

Yours Nick

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